Wants to know more About us?

The story of SEO Hero started with an observation: Keywords hides many secrets, other keywords, n-grams, entities, and concepts.

SEO Hero is an n-grams explorer that reveals these secrets to search engine optimizers.
SEO Hero helps you, among others, to detect all the key terms that are highly correlated with the keywords or the key phrases you want to rank for on Google.

You want to rank on Microsoft's search engine Bing ?
Don't care about semantic analysis and just go for an exact match domain name!

How SEO Hero works?

We'll have a lot of things to tell you about Seo Hero, but lets make it simple for the moment.
When you type your keywords on SEO Hero search box, our software connects with your favorite search engine and look for the first 100 URLs that ranks on your targeted query

When done, SEO Hero starts its work parsing every single url to extract semantic data using internal algorithms.

SEO Hero is not a latent semantic analysis tool, instead it helps you find out the concepts and entities that are latent tou your search query.