SEO Hero's Survival Kit

Like any superhero, SEO Heroes have their own Ranking weapons, here's what in our opinion must be part of the SEO Guru and SEO super starkit.

The Superhero SEO Mindset

The brain is an incredible magic weapon for marketing heroes and search engine optimizers. Thinking out of the box allows any SEO and marketer to turn a problem or marketing constraint into an advantage. The best Growth Hackers take inspiration from the SEO superstars, why? Simply because SEO's ar known to have the right mindset, the only mindset that let grow a business.


An SEO Hero always knows what happens in SERPs. It does not only check its own positions but scrutinizes any unusual movements on Google. This is why MonitoRank is inseparable from the SEO survival kit. Last but not least, when you perform a semantic exploration with SEO Hero, it's MonitoRank that provides us the list of web pages that ranks at the moment you make your query.


SEO is difficult, but with the perfect editorial strategy, your competitors can shake with fear. A good editorial strategy must be unique and stand out, MindMeister helps you in brainstorming to organize and mind mapping your beast ideas. Thanks to MindMeister your online content becomes a real ranking machine.

Mouseflow and its records for heroes

The best SEO's and online marketing heroes are becoming nowadays UX champions. Where have you to start to optimize the user experience? By understanding better what they do when they visit your website. knowing exactly what they are doing on your site. The analytics tools are essential, but Mouseflow goes further by recording for you during navigation sessions, mouse movements, and heatmaps.

Link analysis tools

Every SEO Hero knows the importance of links. Checking your backlinks not only helps you to outrank your competitors, it helps you to say first checking if something bad or unusual is happening. The right decisions have to be taken fast in case of negative SEO for example. It's not only spying your competitors on search engines, but making sure that your links profile is safe. Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs offer the best services of the market for the monitoring of the backlinks.

SEO Hero's latent semantic explorer

Of course, SEO Hero Explorer is an important part of the SEO survival kit.

SEO Hero helps you tailor your content strategy to focus on words that really matters. Have you ever wondered why sometimes pages rank on competitive keywords without or with only a few backlinks? The answer is pretty simple, it's because the search engine expert behind this page focused on semantic optimization. Thanks to LSA precepts you too can become a hero making your content most relevant and ready to rank.