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SEO Hero helps you to create great content strategies finding every single concept, entity and N-Gram related to your topic or keyword.
Say goodbye to keyword-centric SEO and get into a new era of search engine optimization with SEO Hero.

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What is SEO Hero?

SEO Hero is a smart SEO software and topic explorer that helps you to create efficient content strategies and highly relevant websites.

Content strategy and search engine optimization are not anymore about optimizing web pages for keywords. SEO is about relevancy and SEO Hero helps you to understand, what's behind your keywords, what subtopics you need to cover to build relevant hubs and drive more targetted traffic to your website.

Why using a topic explorer?

Using our topic explorer is a great way to publish a great content both for users and search engine. Google knows how topics are connected to each other, this semantic knowledge helps the search engine algorithm to figure out which web documents are the most relevant for a searcher query. The main scope of SEO Hero is to help you in exploring your topic and discovering which words you should use in your web pages to gain relevancy.

With the topic explorer you'll quickly know what are the cooccurrences, key terms ans LSI Keywords you need to add on your content. At the site level, our SEO software helps you to discover interesting concepts that you can use to develop the best content strategy. This is a straightforward way to build relevancy and rank better for almost your targetted search queries.

While crawling your website and exploring your content, Google stores statistics about the words found in your content. Analyzing these great data Google knows exactly which words are strongly correlated to a given topic, and which terms a relevant web page should probably contain.

Knowing that every search engine optimizer should use an N-grams explorer, that's why we built SEO Hero.

How SEO Hero works?

When you look for any topic within the topic explorer, our software that uses Google API parses the first 100 URLs that rank on Google for your query. On each URL our spider extracts n-grams and stores statistics about them in our database. That's how our keyword related software can help you, and tell you what words you must use in your content to get better ranking results.

Semantic, related concepts, entities remain unexplored areas in search engine optimization, but things are going to change with the rise of a new generation of SEO tools like SEO Hero and others.

The works on SEO Hero are still in progress, remember that this is a beta version of our software, other great features for SEO and marketing professionals are coming but feedback are the best way to make a better software, please help us making SEO Hero Better.