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Title tag optimization tips

Optimizing your title tag is very simple and straight forward. If you own a small website (with only a few pages) you can easily setup the best title for every single web page, instead if you own and e-commerce with thousands of products and you can’t write titles manually, you need to find a nice formula to generate unique titles. Here, some tips to help you optimize your title and other things you have to know about this HTML tag.

Why is the title so important in SEO?

The reason why the title is considered as the most important on-site ranking factor is pretty simple to understand. Just think about it for a second, the title is the place where you declare to search engines, what your page is about, and it’s usually the first thing users know about your web page, even before clicking on your link.

Let’s says you are optimizing a web page about chocolate cookies. It makes no doubt that a title containing chocolate cookies recipe is much more search engine friendly than a title containing delicious recipe.

The 3-S rules of title tag optimization

We have found a pretty cool memo technic trick for title optimization. To setup your titles just remember the 3-S rules:

  • Short
  • Specific
  • Sexy

Short title is better for SEO

More words you have in your title and less is the weight of each word. In other words, if your main keyword appears with other 10 words its weight will not be as important, you need to keep your title short, it’s much better for SEO.

If you write chocolate cookies recipe for 3 persons in the title of your page, you’re good only if you want to rank for this exactly same phrase, but you’re less likely to rank for chocolate cookies recipe.

The reason why you don’t need to add for 3 persons is that you are not targeting only people that are looking for a 3 persons recipe, you are targeting every people interesting in chocolate cookies recipe. Obviously if I want to cook for 6 persons I just have to double the doses.

Make your title specific

We saw how specifying for 3 persons was useless, but now let’s says that your cookies recipe is gluten free, sure you need to specify it in the title. The reason why you have to do it is that you are not anymore targeting every people interested in chocolate cookies recipe, but a smaller fraction of those who wants it to be gluten free. That’s it.

Make your title sexy

That’s another very important thing to do when dealing with title optimization. Search engine optimization is not only about rankings, but also about click through rate improvement.

You’re not alone on Google search results, your doing a great job, but your competitors too. They are also optimizing their titles, and they also know good chocolate cookies recipe, so what will make the difference? Is your title sexy? Can you add a single magic word, that makes the difference and makes the people click on your website instead of your competitor web page?

One very common word that is used is “best”. Everyone prefer “the best”. Best price, best title optimization tips, best clothes, best, holidays… So you could go with Best chocolate cookies recipe.

That said, using “best” everywhere is tactic for lazy SEO. You could get much more clicks and much better results if you do some efforts trying to figure out what’s the “best” magic word for your web page. You really need to do some efforts and be empathic because this is going to make a huge difference.

What about Fast chocolate cookies recipe? Think about it. Maybe “fast” has more meanings and maybe it could elicit more interest from the audience, maybe not, but that’s a work you need to do.

The max title tag length

If you followed the 3-S rules, you are likely to don’t face problems of title length and max character, but it’s not always easy to make it short, enough specific and sexy at the same time. Bear in mind that your title must be less than 512 pixels wide. A Moz blog post talks about a range going from 50 to 60 characters to make sure that Google will not truncate your title and broke the marketing effect you have worked on.

If your title is too long because there’s no other way to be specific and sexy at the same time, maybe the best move is to leave the sexy part of your title. Remember that you still have the meta description to make your website attractive in SERPs.

Title tag optimization is a key of SEO Success, hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget the 3-S rules to optimize your titles, short, specific and sexy. Have a great day and remember to subscribe to the SEO Hero channel for the coolest SEO Tips.

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