We got it wrong with LSA : Thank you Enrico Altavilla e Gianluca fiorelli

Today I have an important notice for you. In Italy, a very advanced and highly skilled SEO, Enrico Altavilla has published a newsletter containing a review for SEO Hero. While this review is very positive about the utility of SEO Hero, it’s at the same time very negative about the marketing strategy and especially the use of these technical terms LSA/LSI.

At this point, I think that anyone who’s leading a project must think one more time about what is doing, it’s exactly what  I did this morning and yes, I got it really wrong with Latent Semantic Explorer. That was a stupid mistake because I believe that SEO Hero is a great tool that does not need to use these technical terms to look better.

As Enrico Altavilla said, LSA is a method that analyzes the co-occurrence of words within documents to understand how they are related to each other. This result is achieved through the creation of a co-occurrence matrix and the entities representation in the multidimensional spaces. Analyzing how words are close each helps you understand better them relations.

We’re working on it because it will be very helpful for next features, but actually, SEO Hero do not represent entities in the vectorial space, and I can’t argue that we’re using latent semantic analysis, that’s the reason why I defined SEO Hero as a latent semantic explorer, not a latent semantic analyser.

Anyway, I got it wrong with the “latent semantic” terminology. For sure my intention has never been to mislead users, I m gonna find another way to define in few words what SEO Hero does. The point is that SEO Hero offers a totally different approach to understands topics, it helps you at different levels, like working on mind map for example. I don’t want to define SEO Hero as another keyword research tool, everybody has understood that it’s much more than that.

That said, thank you Enrico Altvilla, as you can see i considered your final advice, I m making a step back regarding the marketing strategy, and I m pretty sure that this is not a step back, but a step forward, and I m glad to know that you appreciate what SEO Hero can already do.

Another special thanks to Gianluca Fiorelli, that has said the exactly same thing (about lsi/lsa) three days before Enrico, about the latent semantic terminology. What can I say? Nothing more than I was wrong, thank you for yours precious and invaluable advice.

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