Link building secret

This Link Building Secret will bring you to the top

Link building secretYou thought that we’ll talk only about semantic on our SEO Blog? Link Building is one of the most important tasks to get high rankings on Google and, we love all the SEO tactics that works.

Smart Link Building strategies have worked for years and still works, here we’re talking about an easy link building trick that can really bring you to the top for your targeted keywords.

An easy peasy lemon squeezy link earning method

Best SEO and Link Building tricks are often the simplest ones. Your scope is to target web pages that links to twice (or more) of your competitor’s websites.

Let’s say yuo have 10 identified competitors. Just start with tow of them and search for referal web pages they have in common.

Doing so you’ll find a lot of pages that lists businesses in your industry. If they linked to your competitors their’s no reason why they will not link to your website. So these pages must link back to your business, not only to your competitors, and here’s what you have to do for it…

Finding common referrals web pages… fingers in the nose?

Backlinks in common is not a well known feature on SEObserver. Never heard about SEObserver? You’re probably missing a huge amount of strategic data, about your target keywords and your competitors. In a nutshell, this SEO tool is the best SEO Benchmark software ever. It lets you know… everything. Everything about the SERPs you target, how do they evolves, backlink analysis, and last but not least… how your competitors are moving, what they’re currently doing. Impressive!

So backlinks in common is a simple textarea in wich you input 2 (or +) of your competitor’s URLs and SEObserver do the magic giving you the list of common referrals pages. Once done, just send a polite email asking the webmasters to add your link.

Advice : Don’t make your email long and annoying explaining why you’re the best (that’s a well-known bullshiters method) Be polite as always, but making it short and straightforward is the best strategy.

That’s one of the best and greatest link building tactics isn’t it?

Other ways to find backlinks in common

Just use Google and smart searches. We told you, SEO is pretty simple. Just type on Google “” + “”

Of course to get a lot of results you can mix competitors, with and without http://, just using www. or just using the root You can either don’t use competitors URLs but competitor’s brand names. Do you get it?

Please don’t waste your time, open Google homepage right now in a new tab , try these queries with your competitors and leave a comment here to let us know what you’ve found and how it works for you.

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